A grand Wedding Venue in a Natural Garden and Woodlands set up on a slopy location in Harare (Mudziyashe - Muchato muchikomo)




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Thank you very much for choosing Mudziyashe as your preferred venue of choice for your special day. Having a wedding is a delightful experience that we are honored to share  and enjoy with you. We at Mudziyashe pride ourselves our very majestic venue that is fit to host only the best, Our team of dedicated staff are here to move to your every instruction and assist with vital contacts for services we do not directly provide.

VENUE SECTIONS - We Have Our Main Tent area which fits 300 People round table seating comfortably. Glass House fits 60. Garden Area (Ceremony area) Cinema seating fits 300 and the cocktail balcony fits 100

(Taking the Full Package will get you all four sections for your function) for $2 300 (Tent is included)

Event Coordinator - When hiring out Mudziyashe you are allowed to bring in your own Event planning team but we do have a Certified Resident Coordinator, we can give you a Complimentary consult when Booking is Confirmed.

Tables and Chairs -We Provide 300 plastic armless chairs, 30 Round Tables and 10 rectangle Tables (all Inclusive of Mudziyashe Package)

Bar And Catering - Food and Beverage is optional, You can Provide your own if Mudziyashe is to provide Prices will be advised. With Hiring out our venue you have all access to the kitchen. All water is Borehole.

Backup Generator -The Lodge Provides a Generator with a $50.00 Fee Before Function if there is no need for Generator your $50.00 will be refunded.

Service Providers -We Have a list of trusted service providers that we can contact for you for all you Cutlery, Crockery, Tables, and Chairs, flowers, Decor, Music System, Video and photographer (Speak to Mudziyashe Functions Manager)

Honeymoon Suite - Our Mudziyashe Room will be converted into a beautiful honeymoon suite that will make the newly married couple feel relaxed and more in love than ever, because heaven is place on earth at Mudziyashe.(complimentary)

Parking Area -We have a secure parking area with tight security.


About Mudziyashe

The property is surrounded by premium mansions which enjoy excellent exposure and breath-taking views reminiscent to those of Eastern Highlands and Christmas pass. The property forms part of the established peaceful, quiet and prime residential node with unique mansions and private hilly villas within the immediate vicinity. Harare city centre is 17 KM away, but other facilities which include retail, banks and schools are within 8 KM radius.

Various types of near harmless wild life (monkeys, tortoise, bucks, wild pigs etc) have been frequently spotted within the stand and in the immediate vicinity. Over 20 species of indigenous trees frequented by various types of singing birds complete the dazzling exposure to nature that waits to be experienced. Please do not forget a set of binoculars.

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